Friday, March 7, 2014

Bathing in the briny at Bronte's Bogey Hole

When the tide goes out at Bronte Beach the Bogey Hole appears, a naturally forming rock pool that's been expanded and rearranged over the years.

It's named after the Aboriginal word to bathe and before white man arrived it was their billabong, their water hole, their immersion place.

It's where people come to wade and swim and see what lies beneath.  

Where children search for crabs and sea urchins around the ring of rocks. 

It's where parents stand on the edge and watch their toddlers play.

 Where ladies chat ...

Or find a quiet corner to float on their back. 

And when the tide comes in and the bogey hole disappears it becomes a hidden pool where only the locals know where to swim.


  1. Just beautiful. Reads like poetry. Loved the old fashioned looking kids in speedos hunting round the edge of the pool.

  2. Thank you Jen. A short and sweet blog. It is a place where people lie around in the water and everyone seems to be looking down to spot some treasure. As the sign above the bogey hole says it's an underwater wonderland.

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