Friday, May 2, 2014

Captain Cook, rainbows and the Woonona ocean pool

The seas were wild the day we travelled south to Bulli and Woonona, just north of Wollongong, to see our friends' Pete and Zac and Marg.

After lunch at the Bulli Beach Cafe, we walked along the headland and looked down on the Bulli Ocean Pool.

Then we headed south one suburb to check out Marg's favourite swimming spot, the Woonona Ocean Pool near where Captain Cook attempted to land in April 1770.

As we watched the rising swell, I imagined his small boat struggling through the 'great surf which beat up everywhere'.

Then we moved down to the flat and circumnavigated around the edge.

Past the turquoise starting blocks lined up like monuments at the south end.

And the remains of the original Woonona Pool.

I dipped my hand in the blue-green water and wished I'd brought my cossies.

And then a rainbow appeared and arched across the ocean like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And cast a ring of light like a halo over the pool. 

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  1. In summers, we do plan the picnics to sea, oceans and swimming pools as we really need to get cool. Woonona ocean pool seems so nice and perfect for the family picnic.