Monday, December 22, 2014

Making a splash: Australians share their swimming stories

Last Friday's talkback on ABC Radio National's Life Matters invited listeners to call in with their memories of swimming, which was a great choice as we head into the summer holidays. 

The program featured former Australian Olympian Shane Gould, who as part of a Masters and now a PhD, is doing very interesting research into the role of swimming in Australians' lives and the design of pools.  You can listen to 'Making a Splash: What does swimming mean to you' on the RN Life Matters website or download the podcast. To read more about Shane Gould's research click here

Best wishes for a merry Christmas, great 2015 and happy and safe swimming whether you're at the beach, river, lake or pool.  


  1. Well swimming pool is always a way of relaxation and that to with a broader view. but truly saying without the proper rules you will get sick from swimming pool itself. Most important is the health risk and accidents that cause the swimming experience to a horrible one . so in my view always follow rules and go for healthy swimming options.

  2. I always try to make it to swimming pool whenever I get time. Best way to relax yourself, thank you for lovely post.

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